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College Council

Post Designation Name



Prof.(Mrs.) Shyla Ipe Varghese

HOD of various departments



Medical Surgical nursing

Vice Principal

Prof.(Mrs.) Reny Jose

Obstetrics &

Gynaecological Nursing


Prof.(Mrs.) Soji Thomas

Child Health Nursing


Prof.(Mrs.) Rose Michael

Mental Health Nursing

Asso. Professor

Mrs. Jolly Mattom

Community Health Nursing


Mrs. Jessy Mathew

Physical Education

HOD Naturopathy

Dr. Abhirami

Chairman of the College Union

College Union Chairperson

Miss. Soniya George

Chief of the Office Staff

Accounts  Officer

Mrs. Lissymol J


PTA President

Mr. Gigy P. John

Representatives of Teaching Staff

Asst. Professor

Mr. Rijo G. Varghese


Tutor/ Clinical instructor

Mrs. Manju Joseph

Staff Secretary

Asst. Professor

Mrs. Jomol Scaria

Library Committee for Academic year 2019-2020

In this academic year the following members are selected in library committee

Name of Members

  • Director (Ex-Officio)
  • Principal (Ex-Officio)
  • Librarian (Member Secretary)
  •  Mrs. Bindhu Sebastian (Medical – Surgical)
  • Mrs. Jolly Mattom ( Psychiatry)
  • Prof. (Mrs.) Rose Michael (Peadiatric)
  • Prof. (Mrs.) Soji Thomas (Maternity)
  • Mrs. Jessy Mathew (Community)
  • Prof. (Mrs.) Reny Jose (ANP)
  • Mrs. Sherin Jose (Nursing Education)
  • Mrs. Jomol Scaria (Nursing Administration)
  • Mrs. Jancy Thomas (Research)
  • Mrs. Maria Jacob(M. Sc Student Member – 8th Batch)
  • Mrs. Sojimol James (M. Sc Student Member – 7th Batch)
  • Miss. Bincy Paul (Student Member – 18th  Batch)
  • Miss. Merin Thomas (Student Member – 17th  Batch)
  • Miss. Misa P. M. (Student Member – 16th  Batch)
  • Miss. Anupama K. S. (Student Member – 15th  Batch)

Ethical Committee

 Institutional Review Board  members for the ethical clearance of thesis work.

  • Chair Person : Dr. Sr. Jowan Chunggapura Ph. D (Director, TRADA, Kottayam)
  • Principal :Prof. (Mrs.) Shyla Ipe Varghese, CHN
  • Member from Specialty :Mrs. Reny Jose, MSN,  Med-Surg. Nsg.
  • Medical Scientist :Dr. Radhakrishnan N, MS, FA(Chief Surgeon, STH)
  • Lawyer: Adv. Siby Mathew (K/238/1989, Chry)
  • Panchayat Member: Mrs. Lalimma Tomy (Ward No. 16, Vazhappally Panchayat)
  • Clergy: Fr. Siby Kaitharan.(Clinical Psychologist, St. Thomas Hospital)
  • Member:Dr. John T. Kocheril Ph. D.(Asso. Professor, Dept. of Zoology, SBC, Chry)
  • Member:Ms. Liya Antony (Asst. Professor, Dept. of Statistics, SBC, Chry)

Internal Compliant Committee (2019-2020)

Post Designation Name



Prof (Mrs.) Shyla Ipe Varghese



Rev. Fr. James P. Kunnath


HOD, Medical Surgical Nursing

Prof. (Mrs.) Reny Jose

HOD, Obstetrics & Gynaecological Nursing

Prof. (Mrs.) Soji Thomas

HOD, Child Health Nursing

Prof. (Mrs.) Rose Michael


HOD, Mental Health Nursing

Mrs. Jolly Mattom

HOD, Community Health Nursing

Mrs. Jessy Mathew

HOD, Nursing Foundations

Mrs. Bindhu Sebastian

Legal Advisor


Adv. Siby Mathew