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St. Thomas College of Nursing with a Saga of Excellence in Nursing education and health care is committed to

  • Prepare competent and compassionate professional nurses
  • Promote value based learning
  • Uphold the highest standards of professionalism across Nursing Education, Nursing Service, Nursing Administration and Nursing Research
  • Maintain  health equity in the community through quality education and health services
  • Promote and maintain health and wellness among students
  • Empower students to become a useful citizen to contribute to the  development of the nation
  • Guide nurse researchers and help them to strive for self-betterment, excellence and   innovation in the fast  changing  Nursing care scenario
  • Implement academic programs catering  to the current  needs of  society


To provide high standards of health care services through ethical and value based education


  • Provide professional training of high academic excellence in nursing.
  • Prepare nurse who can function in a wide variety of settings and make their contributions in all specialities of nursing for promoting holistic health.
  • Uphold respect for life from the moment of conception to its natural end.
  • Prepare well qualified nurses of leader ship position to assume responsibilities in nursing field.
  • Maintain a centre of excellence for higher studies in nursing to meet the future needs of the nursing profession.
  • Prepare nurses to meet the health needs of the community.


The statement of philosophy of St. Thomas College of Nursing is consistent with statement of mission of parent institution – St. Thomas Hospital, an undertaking of Archdiocese of Changanassery.

The mission statement of St. Thomas Hospital is a set of standards, values and goals that an institution holds for itself. It is an expression of moral, ethical and professional convictions.

The philosophy underlying the programme is reflected in the following beliefs:-

MAN is a human being with holistic system which means that the individual must be considered as a whole with physiological, psychological, social and spiritual needs. Man as an individual is part of total environment which includes family and community. This environment affects the individual; therefore the nurses who gives care to the individual should consider the family and the community.

HEALTH is a dynamic state where individuals, families, communities and health agencies work for its maintenance or restoration or both. Health status of an individual varies according to culture, values, education and the social norms, which influence the individual, family and the community. Health does not mean the absence of diseases only, it is the ability to function or perform at a satisfactory level within an environment.

NURSING is a humanitarian discipline which provides care and nurturance to man.  It involves health promotion and maintenance, its practice is derived from a research – based body of nursing knowledge as well as knowledge drawn from other sciences and humanities. Nursing involves the utilization of the nursing process in a variety of settings.  Nursing also involves collaboration and co-ordination as well as dependent, independent and interdependent types of functions.

Nursing Education is a lifelong process that produces and nurtures competent and resourceful efficient nurses with a strong body of knowledge and skills to maintain, promote and restore the health of individuals, family and society.

Faculty believes the general education provides individuals with a broad knowledge base and skills to think critically, to communicate effectively and develop self understanding. Professional education equips individuals with a specialized body of knowledge and expertise. Therefore, the faculty assumes the responsibility of developing a curriculum that guides, encourage, stimulates and challenges the leaner.

Faculty further believes that the students are endowed with the capacity for self direction, are responsible for their own learning and self development. The teachers need to accept the students as unique individual with their own ideas, thoughts, emotions, capabilities and limitations and structure a suitable environment, so that maximum learning takes place.