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Student Nurses Association of India, the only national level associate organization of Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI) for student nurses, established      in 1929. The SNA unit in our college have been functioning from the year of establishment of college (2002) and actively functioning.


  • To hold high the dignity and honour of nursing profession.
  • To promote high standard of nursing education and nursing practice.
  • To impart team spirit among students.
  • To protect genuine interest of the nurses and nursing students and community at large.

Achievements in SNA South East Zonal Competitions

Year Cultural Competition Educational Competition


Runner up




Runner up



Second Runner up

College Union

St. Thomas College of Nursing Students Union has been functioning actively since 2016. All students of the college are members of the union and have   the right to vote and contest in the election of the Union.


  • To work for the general welfare of the college and the support every activities proposed by College or University.
  • To train the students of the college in duties, responsibilities and rights of citizenship.
  • To promote opportunities for the development of character, leadership, efficiency, knowledge and spirit of services among students.
  • To encourage sports, arts and other educational activities that is incidental and conducive to the above objectives.

PTA Executives

PTA President

Mr. Gigy P. John (F/o Theressa P. John)

Vice President

Mrs. Renimol Sabu (M/o Sonamol)


Prof. (Mrs.) Reny Jose (Vice Principal)

Joint Secretary

Prof. (Mrs.) Soji Thomas (Professor)


Mrs. Sherin Jose (Assoc. Professor)

Staff Representatives

Mr. Rijo G. Varghese (Asst. Professor)

Mrs. Manju Joseph (Clinical Instructor)

PTA Representatives:

4th year

Mrs. Kochumol Benny (M/o Boneymol Philip)

 3rd year

Mrs. Molamma Thomas (M/o Achu Thomas)

2nd year


Mr. Sajeev (F/o Nayana Treesa Sajeev)

1st year

Mr. Jacob Varghese (F/o Maria Jacob Varghese)

SSGP (Student Support and Guidance Programme)


Kerala university of health sciences has put forwarded a holistic student support services that aims to shape every student entering the educational institution under KUHS into a health professional who have technical and social skills to perform various academic and socio cultural activities. The SSGP provides individualized mentoring programme for personal, academic, health, psychological and emotional disturbances


To equip the students to become confident professionals by overcoming academic and adjustment  difficulties they face during the course.

Student Support Services

  • Academic & Scholastic Issues
  • Psycho- Social Issues
  • Physical And Reproductive Health Issues


  • One mentor(teacher) is assigned for every 10 students
  • There is a regular contact with the mentor and assigned students
  • Support and guidance given to the students as and when needed
  • Regular follow up and referral services as required.


  • To improve overall performance of students
  • To address the academic, psychosocial and health related issues
  • To enhance stress management among students


Advisory Committee

Rev. Fr. James P Kunnathu , Director St Thomas CON

Prof. (Mrs). Shyla Ipe Varghese, Principal, St Thomas CON

Nodal Officer

Mrs. Jolly Mattom, Asso. Prof. St Thomas CON

Mrs. Sherly Sebastian, Asso. Prof. St Thomas CON

Staff Representatives

Prof (Mrs). Reny Jose, Prof. (Mrs). Rose Michae,Mrs. Bindhu Sebastian Asst. prof., Sr. Jhincy Jose Asst. prof.

PTA Representative

 Mr. T. K.  Chandramany

Student Representative

Ms. Linta Elsa Abraham

Community Programmes

Our students develop initiativeness and enhance their leadership skills through organising various community programmes.

  • Covid19 awareness programme

In view of the spread of nCoVirus infection globally, on 7th February 2020, 4th year BSc nursing students organised an awareness class on measures to prevent the spread of corona virus at St Thomas Hospital OPD.

  • Prolife rally

Students attended a rally on 11th February 2020 organised by Archdiocese Changanacherry against the MTP Act amendment 2020.

  • Leprosy awareness campaign

2nd  Year BSc Nursing students conducted a Leprosy awareness campaign on 30th January 2020 at CHC Karukachal and St Thomas Hospital.

  • School health programme:

Organised by 4th year BSc nursing students on 28th January 2020 at Govt UP School Perunna by conducting health check up and awareness programme on personal hygiene and ill effects of fast food.

Health Day Celebrations

St Thomas students add to the richness of their professional nursing experience by organising various health day celebrations.

  • World cancer day celebrations was conducted on 4th February 2020 at St Thomas Hospital and CHASS Changanacherry. Cancer awareness skit and flash mob was performed by 3rd year BSc Nursing students.
  • World AIDS day was celebrated on 1st December 2019 by 4th year BSc Nursing students wih a flashmob and skit on prevention of AIDS at St Thomas hospital, General Hospital Changanacherry, CHC Karukachal, NSS Higher Secondary School Karukachal and Government Higher Secondary School, Vadakekkara.
  • World Breast Feeding Week celebrations was held on August 7th 2019 by conducting awareness class on importance of breast feeding.
  • Breast cancer awareness month was celebrated on 30th October 2019 by 4th year BSc Nursing students followed by a public awareness session by Dr S Parameswaran, Senior Consultant Oncologist, St Thomas Hospital.

Snehapoorvam Snehithaykayi “SANTHOM BHAVAN” IN 2017 & 2018

“Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.”Proverbs 19:17. Students and staff of this great abode of learning are always ready to do their bit in helping their fellow men in need. They mobilized fund to build  houses for two deserving and needy students in the years 2017 and 2018